Super Full Moon Magick

We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives.

The moon is upon us.

During this night’s full moon, the eve of November 14th, the Moon will appear very large and bright . This is the closest the Moon will be near the Earth until November 25th 2034. There is some powerful magick blooming on this night. Take advantage.

The Full Moon a spark to our creative inspiration and magick. The powers of nature have reached their peak. The unconscious mind now opens to gentle, quieter influences. In it’s round presence it symbolizes abundance and fulfillment. By observing the Full Moon as the powerful time to invoke ceremonial affirmations, we can align ourselves to this natural magic.  We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives. To experience the Full Moon’s full potential, you can light a candle each evening upon the rising of the full moon. You can also include the three nights prior to the Full Moon. I will be saying these affirmations as well as personal ones for fertility tonight and the three nights following. You can say the following or choose your own words:

Full Moon, Moon of Fulfillment,
Your beauty wonders me with enchantment.
Your magick works in the world and through me.
I am reminded of my own power
To shape my own reality.

Now, if you wish, recite affirmations which you have chosen to fit your situation. I would write them down in a list  in advance. An example of mine is “I am fertile and strong. I am the mother of a new child. I am pregnant at the time of my ovulation.” Then finish by reciting:

Oh Moon of Completion,
So this is and so shall it be.
Oh Moon of Celebration,
I dance in the joy of being
As I affirm the completion of my magick and my desires.

For an added power boost, you can write your affirmations down on a piece of special stationery. Maybe writing them ten times each. Then, fold the paper and burn it in a brazier, flame-proof vessel, or sacred fire. Now, your desires have been given over to the universe.
Candle Magick Addition

White and silver candles connect with lunar powers. You can also use any color which connects to your ideal of high energy and fulfillment. Large, spherical glow candles are also very symbolic. For candle scents, anointing oils, or incense, fragrances which connect to the Full Moon include frankincense, lemon, rose, lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. You can also choose fragrances which connect to your desires.

If you have an altar, a Full Moon celebration provides the opportunity to be creative. You can decorate it with round white stones, sea shells, silver coins, silver touches, a strand of white globe-shaped Christmas lights or fairy lights, round mirrors, white flowers or those with sphere heads, and objects which symbolize things you want to bring into your life or the moon in general. A small round cake can also be eaten on the night of the Full Moon, if you so choose. Cakes are frequently used to celebrate the completion of goals and moon cakes are a symbol from many Asian countries. Also don’t forget the rabbits.

Samhain Altar and Celebration

night-sky-1111702_1920Most Blessed and Happy Samhain! Our Witches’ New Year is here!

As the Wheel of the Year begins again, so too do we have the joyous opportunity to take our harvest and make something magickal.

Now is also the time to honor our ancestors and be grateful for all the bounty they have wrought.

And as promised here is my Samhain altar and autumn images that I took.


And to help as all get connected with our ancestors on this most enchanting evening my Samhaim ritual. You can change this up however you like and it can work for a solitary practitioner.

Samhain 2016

Samhain, a Celtic-based holiday, is the festival where we honor the ancestors. Some traditions and groups really embrace this aspect of the holiday, while others do not. This will often depend on the strength of the group’s relationships with their ancestors. Some Wiccans and pagans revere their ancestors, honoring them each day, frequently communicating and receiving messages from them. Others may feel disconnected, and in a world when the ancient wisdom can be difficult to hear, it is even more difficult. But think on this. We all have loved ones who are now spirits, and this is the time to honor them.

For ritual, gather one candle for each person there, smaller candles work best. Also gather a bowl to place the candles in, where they will stand upright, or candle sticks for larger candles.

I often make an ancestor altar, as pictured above, and you can do the same. This process can be a ritual all in itself. It is sad and joyous to remember those we loved and look at their images decorating our altars. You can do this on your current altar or create a entirely separate one for this purpose. There should be room for the candles in addition to an offering. If you are doing this in a group, people can bring their own photos and place them on the altar as well. You can also use special items that were once theirs or which represent them. One large candle should also be atop the altar.

Once everyone has been given their candles, .address the idea of ancestors. Saying your own words or:
“On this eve of all evenings, when veil be thinned between the worlds, we honor those who have gone on before: our sacred ancestors.

Our ancestors shaped us and made us who we are. Physical ancestors, family going back who have now crossed over and spiritual ancestors, those to whom blood is not shared but are connected to us through love. Those who have shaped us through their example and actions. All have made us who we are and we honor our physical and spiritual ties to them.

Visualize your ancestors. The people in spirit you will honor and remain forever linked. They are here. They have always been here. For in the Otherworld there is no space, no time as we know it. The spirits are limited by neither. Think on your particular ancestors. Imagine them here, standing among us. See them clearly. Hold them in your hearts.

Beloved ancestors, we address you. Honored ones, holy ones, we know you are always with us. In some moments we can hear you speak to us. And even when we can’t, we know you are here. We call upon you and ask you to enter our circle. On this eve set aside just for you, we honor you. We remember you. Accept this offering in token of our love and respect.”

Now, light the large candle on the ancestor altar. Next, make your offering. A libation of water or wine, or an offering of flour or cornmeal is a good choice. Do what feels right. As you offer them, hold them up and imagine light pouring into it, filling it with positive energy.

Now direct those around you to do the following, saying whatever you wish or:
“One by one we’ll approach the altar. At your turn, think of your ancestors. Then, light your candle in their honor. Place it in the receptacle and leave it to burn. Speak to them. You can speak your words aloud or project them from your heart. They will know your message.”

If I’m in a group I typically go first so they know what to expect. Then I step to the side, moving clockwise, so that the others can go. Once everyone has gone and moved clockwise like I did, we should all be back in our original places.

Then, join hands and begin a chant. You can also dance if you wish. I like to say:

Beloved spirits! Loved ones who have passed unto the veil!

Those gone before but still with us! Connect to us now and forever!

Our soul lives many lifetimes and the bond of love always remains!

The veil does not dim your light but lets us feel your soft glow in times of need!

Beloved spirits! Loved ones who have passed unto the veil!

Those gone before but still with us! Connect to us now and forever!

Honored ancestors, we wish that our offerings please you. That you will keep us always in your hearts, as we keep you in ours. We will think of you always and honor our connections as the Wheel of the Year turns. Now at this time that we can feel you, see you, hear you the most, we honor you. We thank you for your contributions to our lives. Honored ancestors, may blessing be upon you! So mote it be!”

Then all repeat: “So mote it be!”

A Blessed Samhain to you all sisters and brothers and loved ones.

Blessed Be.

My pantheon

I have always felt pulled to their stories and have been connected with them since childhood.

goddess my pantheon wicca pagan wiccan magick las vegas
Walk with Me.

My personal pantheon is definitely what you would call eclectic. I feel connected to the Goddess or God and don’t necessarily stick to a single tradition or region. When I was first studying Wicca and I could see where my love of ancient mythologies and traditions came from, namely a deeply rooted pagan nature, I saw that there were so many with so much to offer. I did more and more research and I learned more and more about Goddesses and Gods of areas I had never thought about before. I celebrate quite a few female deities and they all have one thing in common. An affinity for creativity and the darker aspects of life and death. None of them could be considered push-overs either. A trait I work toward every day. Below I’ve listed the female deities I work with and who have spoken to me directly. You’ll see a great many are from Greek and Celtic Mythology. I have always felt pulled to their stories and have been connected with them since childhood.

Hekate- The Goddess who I love so, she is the first part of my magickal name. She is the Greek goddess of the Underworld, Magick, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. Per the most genuine traditions, she is an ancient Thracian divinity and a Titan. She, from the time of the Titans, ruled in heaven, on the earth, and in the sea. She bestowed mortals with wealth, victory, wisdom, good luck to sailors and hunters, and prosperity to youth and to the flocks of cattle. However, all these blessings might be withheld by her if mortals did not deserve them. She was the only one among the Titans who retained her power under the rule of Zeus. She was honored by all the immortal gods.

I personally felt her call to me right away. She was the first of the Goddesses that spoke to me when I began exploring paganism and Wicca. She always seemed to me to be the great Gatekeeper of Wisdom in Magick and a remarkable sorceress. She also helped me to learn the value of death and how the cycle always continues, a fact I had a hard time coming to terms with when I was young and still have my moments with today.

Nyx- The second part of my magickal name. Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night, one of the primordial gods who emerged as the dawn of creation. She is the child of Khaos (Chaos, Air). In some myths, she coupled with Erebos (Darkness) to produce Aither (Aether, Light) and Hemera (Day). Then, alone she spawned a brood of dark spirits including the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain. In other myths, it is said that without any husband she gave birth to Moros, the Keres, Thanatos, Hypnos, Dreams, Momus, Oizys, the Hesperides, Moerae, Nemesis, and similar beings. Nyx is an ancient deity typically envisaged as the very substance of the night, a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Homer calls her the subduer of gods and men, and states that Zeus himself stood in awe of her.

Again, a darker, powerful Goddess, Nyx subtly called my name as she led me into the darkness. Not for punishment or suffering, though you do have to pass through those things to get to the heart of her, but for salvation. Giving me an understanding of the night, of the black, of the empty. From darkness, there is light, from black there is white, and something must first be empty to become full. I identify with her because she is the base, the root, in which the stars anchor themselves. She is the slate wiped clean, so we can begin again.

Kali- Our Dark Mother, who is so misunderstood. I’ve written an entire paper on her and still her mysteries are vast. My short blurb from a newsletter I wrote-

“Dark Mother,” Kali is the Hindu Triple Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. Though many only her of her Destroyer aspect, she is so much more. She was the consort of Shiva and is often depicted standing over his dead form. While her fearsome side is truly not to be forgotten, it is this strength and power that represent her Mother aspect. Birthing her children only to call them back home to her at the time of their deaths, then taking them in to use in future create. An embodiment of the life, death, life cycle. For her Tantric worshipers, they believe they had to welcome her curse of death and much as her blessings of life. For a coin does not have one side and life cannot exist without death. They are integral parts of the same wheel of time. In her Crone, or Kalika, aspect she rules all forms of death and destruction, but she too rules all forms of life in her Maiden and Mother aspects. Kali’s creative word is that which we have heard often, Om. This chant giving life to what we put our intentions into. Kali gave birth to the gods and would devour them again to be reborn when their time had come. Vishnu, who often said in writings that he brought the whole earth out of the abyss, said of Kali, “Material cause of all change, manifestation, and destruction…the whole Universe rests upon Her, rises our of Her and melts away into Her…She is both mother and grave…The gods themselves merely constructs out of Her maternal substance, which is both consciousness and potential joy.”- from E.A. Rawson. She tells us when the time to let a thing die has come and when to begin creating anew. The priestesses tended her temples the Yoginis or Shaktis as Maidens, the Matri as the Mothers, and the Dakinis as the Crones. These women were also known as the “Skywalkers” and they took care of the dying, managed funerary rites, and acted as angels of death. Kali has also been worshipped in different lands, as her great influence stretches far. As the Black Goddess, known in Finland as Kalma, the biblical tehom or Tiamat, Durga, Sati, Uma, Devata, Tara, Lakshmi, these are all her names. In cemeteries and cremation ground she was worshipped, where even Roman tombstones invoked her with “Mater genuit, Mater recepit”- meaning the Mother bore me, the Mother took me back. So remember her is times when tough love is needed. Hear Her Truth– The time has come to let go of what must die. Life cannot move forward without Death.”

I am connected to her so much. She shouts at me regularly to cut that sh*t out and do what needs to be done. I call on her in times of confusion and when I am scared to move forward, knowing that she’ll look me in the eye with that “are you serious?” face and get me into gear.

Morrighan- She’s dark, powerful, and misunderstood. I think I’m sensing a theme. Morrighan is a Celtic deity, often depicted as a Triple Goddess. She is in fact linked with several different Goddesses. A goddess of battle and death, sex and fertility, prophecy and wisdom. Her name means “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen.” Queen of the Otherworld, the world of phantasms, faeries, and the dead. I have also studied her extensively and she is a beautiful mystery. Straight forward and fierce, proud and forgiving. The pains of life, the serenity of death, and the passion of sex.

She has also called to me most of my life. I remember learning of her because of an episode of Hercules and having to know more. She is still so shrouded but I feel she is guiding me down a path of wonder and painful knowing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. For more information, check out Feast of the Morrighan by Christopher Penczak.

Isis- Isis is a Great Mother Goddess. Isis, in Egyptian Aset or Eset , is one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is the Greek translation of the ancient Egyptian word for throne. In mourning, she is a principal deity in rites for the dead. As a magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the dead to life. As a mother, she was a role model for all women. Isis had strong links with Egyptian kingship. She was most often seen as a beautiful woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns worn on her head. In the Egyptian mythology, she follows a similar path to Inanna, descending to the Underworld to save her husband, Osiris, and then being reborn into the world. She is also connected to the Egyptian horoscope and I am born under her sign.

Another of my most favorite mythological traditions along with Greek and Celtic is Egyptian. I have always loved their stories and lessons. I even visited the Egyptian exhibit in the Natural History Museum in Chicago as a small child. I have been surrounded by books about their mythology all my life.


Now, not to leave out male deities. I do feel connected to one in particular and the aspect male energy tends to represent.

Cernnunos- Cernnunos, though mostly as a nature and fertility god of Celtic Mythology, has appeared in an array of forms and made himself known by several names to nearly every culture throughout time. He is best known in his Celtic aspects of the untamed Horned God of the Animals and the leaf-covered Green Man, Guardian of the Green World. However, He is much older. Cernnunos worked his magick when the first humans were coming into being.

This image of the wild Hunter has always appealed to me. I am most connected to this form of the God. I can see myself running alongside him in the forest not a care for material things or rules. I can feel the protective energy he radiates and the fierce determination to provide for his people. I call on him when the situation calls for a more masculine energy and when strength of body is needed. Not to say I only call on him then. In fact, I find the Gods and Goddesses work well together.


My pantheon. They fill me with hope, acceptance, trust, love, pride, esteem, wonder, and awe. With their sure hands guiding me I can become my best self.

Halloween/Samhain 2016

october magick halloween samhain

Hello All!

I’ll do a post about my Samhain altar and celebration once we get a bit closer to the lovely day, but…

It’s October!!!

I just can’t contain my excitement. We’ve reached my favorite month! My home is officially filled to the brim with witchy, classically creepy decorations. I actually got a late start this time. I usually have that stuff up just after labor day, but since I was hosting my housewarming party I waited. Much to my chagrin.

This month holds so much magick and wonder for me. I have always been deeply connected to the dark time of the year, especially since I was born in October. I’m right on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. That means this month, especially the end with Samhain, is especially powerful for me. But don’t forget, it’s powerful for everyone.

At this turning of the Wheel of the Year, beginning our descent into the dark time of the year, remember all that has come before. Be grateful for past sacrifices and lessons. Learn and journey forward, steeling yourself against the Winter ahead.

Remembering our ancestors is a huge way many pagans celebrate the season. I, since I am a bit on the goth side, decorate the house with skeletons and skulls. They’re creepy and keeping with the spooky feel I want to create for fun but they also signify the passing of ancestors who have enabled me to live the life I do. I also like to put my spell supplies and bottles all around the house. Again, this looks creepy in terms of Halloween but its also a sneaky little way to fill my home with witchy vibes for Samhain.

This season is definitely a balancing act for me.  I love to play up the gothic, spooky decor and I also want to remember the significance of Samhaim. Hopefully it’s working.

Plus, another interesting challenge I faced this year was the bigger space to decorate. Now I am certainly not complaining. I love my new home but I didn’t have nearly enough Halloween stuff.

*Guilty Smile*

Alright, I was fine. But any excuse to get more Halloweenie stuff and I’m in. And at least I was smart about it. I went to the dollar store and searched for items that could be spruced up or paired with something else for an improved look. I also love making decorations and creating little arrangements throughout the house so that each surface tells a little story.

For Example:





So as you can see, Halloween is kinda my thing.

Now that the house is all set up, it’s time to slowly stock up for altar items. I’m going to do a relatively traditional altar set up. Things you can include on your Samhain altar include:

  • Colors of late autumn like rich, deep colors purples, burgundies. and black. Also harvest shades such as gold and orange.
  • Altar cloths in dark colors welcoming the darker nights and spirits of those passed on.
  • Candles in deep, rich colors and some special ones in white, silver, and gold.
  • Photographs of your deceased ancestors
  • apples, pumpkins, squash, or root vegetables
  • Tools of divination or spirit communication
  • Offerings to the ancestors
  • Animal horns, skeletons, skulls, candy skulls, ghosts, feathers or talons as a power symbol
  • Statuary of deities connected to death: Hades (Greek God of the Underworld), Demeter (Greek Goddess),  Persephone (Greek Goddess), Hecate (Greek Goddess of the Cauldron, Crossroads, Magick, and the Underworld, of whom I am named), Thanatos (Greek God of Death), Freya (Norse Goddess), Hel (Norse Goddess), Yama (Hindu God), Kali (Hindu Goddess), Anubis (Egyptian God of the Dead), Osiris (Egyptian God of Underworld), The Morrigan (Celtic Goddess of the Crossroads, Triple Goddess), etc.

So with that my lovelies, I wish you a happy October! Have fun during this glorious month and enjoy the turning of the Wheel. When Samhain draws closer, I’ll give you a peek at my altar and the Samhaim ritual I have written for solitaries as well as the group ritual I will be participating in at the Temple of Sekhmet.

Do You Hear the Wolf Howl?

When I hear the wolf howl I know the time has come. The time to run.

do you hear the wolf howlI feel we have forgotten. So many things. We have forgotten running. Long strides across a great, green field in the moonlight. Running across brown earth hardening our feet. We have forgotten about sitting, laying, beneath a great oak smelling dirt and wet. We have forgotten hot sun on our bare skin, no area not touched by the fiery kisses.

We have forgotten to be wild.

We were not always so clean and boxed in. We were not always co-workers, toilers, factories, consumers.

We were not always tied tight in a form that doesn’t fit us.

We used to run, we used to jump, we used to be wild. We used to be wild.

Wild is not savage, but it is. Wild is not dangerous, but it is. Wild is not to be feared, but it is.

Our wildness gives us power and darkness. It gives us instinct and territory. Wildness gives us a place of spirit and creation and innate being.

We can still find it. Find the wild run and dance deep within the soul. And we must embrace this inner beast. This inner animal. Our instincts are ancient voices of ancestors. They are unique languages of blood and soul and self. They are to be heeded. They are to run free.

But we have forgotten.

We are animals. Glorious, upright animals. And animals need to fuel their instinctual power. We must feed it. That dark place deep within of anger and virtuous hunger.

It screams at us.

Run! Be free! Be fierce! Be strong! Be cruel when there is need.

Listen to the night, to the dark places and hear its voice.

Listen to the howling wolf, proud in the moonlight.

When I hear the wolf howl I know the time has come. The time to run.

Time to run for change and freedom. Time to run for love and death and dark and light. Let us be the creatures of divine existence we are meant to be. Let us listen and learn from the dark instead of cowering. Let us remember that the Goddess is all. Bounty and scarcity. Birth and the pains of birth. Seed and sickle. Growth and the rot. Stillness and wildness.

Let us be strong.

Let us be strong.

Let me be strong.

Full Moon Meditation

This is a guided meditation on my YouTube page, as promised. This is focused on letting go. Full Moons are great times to remember what is great in your life and let go of all things which don’t serve you. I just hosted my first new moon ritual all by myself, in my big girl pants and everything. I am quite happy with how it turned out and people seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I also found an alluring poem about the full moon which I have included below the video. Check it out!

Full Moon Risen by Steve Pedlow
Above the spume of wind
touched waves at South Beach,
Stood there as a moon flew
with golden glow that filled the night sky,

Sculpted sand sifted beneath my feet
where my tread carved more,
Scudding clouds threatened to obscure,
but failed their hiding task,

The moonlight glistened
from the edge of the ocean down to my feet,
I dodged seaweed strewn on the shore,
and edged to the verge of wet,
And wondered at the wonder;

not alone I turned to call others to my side,
But they wore shoes not made for shedding
and clothes not made for rolling,
Strange it is to miss the splendor
for dry feet and unsalted ankles.

Magick & Ritual

Spells, remedies, and ritual celebrations for every Sabbat and Esbat!

Alright, start your broomsticks! (If only we really could fly around on those bad boys. My travel time would be cut in half!) Here’s where things get magickal. As inspiration strikes I will post new rituals I have made, spells, herbal remedies, and anything else the God and Goddess tell me to post. I encourage you all to comment with your own tips and tricks which have worked for you as well as asking any questions you may have. I’m here to help!

Check out all of the Magick & Ritual category for loads of enchanting fun!

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