An unsung song,

a piece of life that is still.

The unbridled flow and churn of its essence.


and birthed

by each flickering spirit.

The remedy to what ails

and cause of what burns.

Mother and child of pure, unadulterated joy.

A blooming son that reaches for the sky

with every breath.

Life like the hidden and buried earth

beneath layers of cold reality.

One in all,

all devoted to the One.


I need it.

Mine, my very own.

Rising my day,

And setting my night.

I revolve around you,

my celestial center.


Giving in to your grace.

Releasing into serenity.





I have it.



Stories to Tell

To not write, to not use my words, would be as if to no longer breathe.

Magick is in the Words
Magick is in the Words

I love to write. In fact I’ve made it my career and it brings me so much joy to share my creative works with the world. Here I will be posting mostly poems and short stories, with maybe a few excerpts from my novels thrown in.

The paranormal, the supernatural, the romantic, the spiritual, the horrifying, you can find it all in the poems and stories I will post. While most will be work friendly, if any are NSFW I will always give a heads up. Enjoy the dark, romantic, and mysterious tales!

For more tales and tomes, you can peruse the Stories to Tell category.

Enjoy Loves!
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