Mabon and the Autumn Equinox

autumn equinox

Enjoy this time of balance and abundance on this the Second Harvest- Mabon. The Autumn Equinox brings with it the lengthening nights and a time of inner reflection and stillness. Below is a poem I wrote to capture the essence of the season. As you celebrate today, remember to give thanks, show appreciation, and open yourself to the changing of the Wheel of the Year.

As the Light Recedes

And now the time has come
to find ourselves
at the balancing of the light.

Perched upon the edge
of a silvery blade.
Sun and moon made equal.

With Great Sickle in hand
The Wise Crone reaps
the ready harvest.
A time of darkening has come.

He is changed.
From Greenwood, to Corn,
to now the Dread Lord
of Shadows.

She is changed.
From a Maiden in youth, to full
and heavy with child.
Now she must depart.
Return to the deep earthen wells.

We take with us
their power and life.
The bountiful harvest
they have given
sustaining us.

But they must,
as so many do,
make their journey.

Falling golden
and rust to the earth.
To be swept
along until they reach the end.

There to transform
and start again.
Let us see
in them the story.

Our Horned God
and Mother Goddess,
traveling from woods
so green and alive
to the dark cauldron
of the Underworld.

Great time of balance,
mystery, and lore.
Give us space of remembrance.
Thinking on their sacrifice,
their Death.

Through this cycle,
ever onward,
let our hearts
and spirit be strong.

Gifted sustenance
and fertility
which will carry us through.

Through the Dark of Times.
Through the Waning Sun.
Through the Place of Night.

To come through again
And rise as the Sun.

New but the same.
Changed but forever sure.


For more on this wonderful holiday, see my previous posts on the Autumn Equinox and Mabon.


Working for Balance on the Equinox

Balance. Light. Dark. Start. End. Honor the InBetween this Mabon 2016.


balance magick equinox
Balance. Light. Dark. Start. End.

Mabon is a time of year which means many different things. This season we begin to honor the darker aspects of Goddess as each day loses more light and falls deep into night. Positive and negative energies equal out. Mabon is a time to remember your bounty and rejoice in the gratitude for all you have been provided with. And at this time of equal night and day it is especially a time of balance.

On this day of days honor both the hunter and hunted, predator and prey, plough and scythe, growth and decay, beginning and end, light and dark, life and death. Be glad of your resources, frugality, and the careful planning of ancestors before for they worked to life on past the cold of winter and were successful. At Mabon we remember and we let go, we celebrate what we have and what we can give away.

We examine where we are strong and where we are weak, both inside and out. We also observe and relish the places in between. Places neither black nor white but grey. Places neither here nor there, but beneath, inside, and between coming and going. We remember the magickal place after completion and just before a new something starts.

This can be a time of great energy and potential. If you feel you need more balance or simply wish to take stock in the moment between moments. This meditation can be very helpful.

Power of the Equinox

Spring is not the only time we can do a good cleaning, both physical and mental. Fall’s Equinox is a perfect time to get rid of any emotional baggage weighing you down. This is a time to let go of what no longer serves you. We can accept the darker aspects to life, embrace them, and move forward. Knowing that life reflects the Earth, a gentle swaying from light to dark to light again.

As the sun goes down for the evening but clutches to the horizon, take a moment for this reflection. You can do this outside, inside, or really any time that you have a moment to appreciate balance. Decorating an altar, even just a flat space outside, with colorful leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and Autumn symbols is wonderful for setting the mood. On the altar, place a small black and white candle, a tealight can work great, and place them on a fire safe surface.

Lighting both candles, say:

Night and day in balance, light and dark in balance.
On the Equinox night I seek balance in life
as the Universe is balanced.
I light a black candle for pain and darkness
and for eliminating that which does not serve.
I light a white candle for light, for happiness,
and great abundance I now bring forth.
This time of the Equinox, Second Harvest Mabon,
bring forth harmony and balance in the Universe,
in my life, and those around me.

Meditate on changing what you can and moving past that which you cannot. Eliminating the bad, strengthening the good, for you, your community, and the world. Release relationships, emotions, and thoughts which hold you back and embrace those which help you move forward. Listen to the message of the Dark Goddess. Her words may seem blunt, but she knows what you need to do and she will tell. Heed her words. Find the lesson in the pain and let it go.

2nd Harvest: Mabon 2016

Mabon 2016 a time of balance, thanks, beginnings, and endings.

A time of balance, thanks, beginnings, and endings.

Traditions for the Autumn Equinox

The Wheel of the Year turns. Again we are placed on the edge between light and dark, beginning and ending.  The sun crosses over the celestial equator at this second of the harvest festivals. Now it is heading south and the days will grow shorter and shorter.  Winter is fast approaching.  The nights come in faster and the sun slumbers earlier. Our great Oak King, our Sun King starts his journey into the darkness to be reborn.  Harvest is a time to celebrate that which we have reaped and offer thanks as we prepare for the colder, quieter time of the year.

In Greek myth, Persephone descends to spend time with her husband Hades and missing her daughter Demeter grieves and the world around her reflects this. Upon this seeming death of her daughter, leaving us for the Underworld, Demeter is reminded that all which dies is reborn.  Leaves yellow and brown as they are shed from the tree.  The world’s green coat falls away to reveal the colors of Autumn and  Death, blazing reds, burnt oranges, and singed yellows.  The death of these makes way for the new and provides nourishment for the young saplings as they grow in the spring.  Gold grains are ready to be reaped with great sickle in hand. The life of the plant given to sustain the life of animal and man. Mabon was a time when fields and stores were emptied and our ancestors prepared for the long winter ahead.  Preparations are made, tasks are completed, and successes is measured.  Take this time to relish in your accomplishments and plan for the future.

In tropical astrology, the sun slides into Virgo on August 23 and stays until September 22. The energy of Virgo inspires us at the Autumnal Equinox to take in the bounty of our harvests and be grateful for the beauty and power of the goddess in our works. Once the Equinox passes, the sun enters Libra on September 23 and stays there until October 23. Consider the legend of a heart weighed against a sacred feather from Egyptian mythology as Libra is about balance. Consider light and dark, end and beginning, pain and pleasure, change and stagnation, planting seeds and reaping what has been sown.

Dark Mother and Father Rise

The Sun God, our Oak King, begins his annual descent at this time. The Holly King now rises to claim rule over the remaining year. Be not afraid of the dark times but hear the wisdom of the silent, sacred place. Reach deep inside yourself and the year turns to a time of remembering and introspection.

Demeter and Persephone are intimately connected to the Fall Equinox. When Hades wed Persephone, it created the cycle of life, death, rebirth we see in the summer, winter, and spring. Now is the time of the Dark Mother, the Crone steps forward in the Triple Goddess. A sickle and scythe are held in hand to reap what has been sown.

With the dark, we can look at each day as the earth dying more and more. The slow descent into dark allows for new life and renewed appreciation of the summer months.

To welcome the Dark Mother and celebrate the Crone, who can be harsh but always purposeful, take inspiration from the ritual below.

Dark Mother/Crone Ritual

When readying your altar chose symbols of Demeter and Persephone, flowers of red and yellow for Demeter and purple or black for Persephone. Stalks of wheat, Indian corn, sickles, baskets, apples, fall leaves, bare branches, these all are symbols of the time of the Second Harvest.

Choose a candle to represent Demeter and Persephone.  Harvest colors are a good choice for Demeter and black for Persephone. Prepare a chalice of wine, or a non-alcoholic substitution, and a pomegranate.

Cast a circle now if part of your tradition as well as call the quarters. Turn to the altar, lighting Persephone candles say:

The earth seems to be dying, the soil growing cold.
A once fertile womb replaced with a barren landscape.
Persephone descends to the Underworld,
So now each day is filled more and more with night.
Demeter grieving for her daughter’s absence,
Us grieving for our dying days.
Winter is on its way.

Lighting Demeter’s candle, and say:

Demeter’s daughter has gone, so she wanders her earth.
Crops are gone, the stalks and other plants, wilting.
The long, dark time alone is beginning.
Darkness follows as Demeter collects up the life of nature.
The time has come to look inward, to embrace solitude.
We let a cool, quiet darkness enfold us,
Bringing ancient wisdom, we honor you

Above a bowl, break open the pomegranate and remove six seeds. Placing them on your alter, say:

Six months light, six months dark.
A cycle of sleeping and waking, sleeping and waking.
On this equal night, we honor you.
We dance and dream in your shadows.
Darkness will be embraced, revered,
Celebrating the life of our Crone. Dark Goddess show us your truth

Take a sip of the wine and place it back on the altar. Raising your arms above if you wish, take a moment to reflect on these darker, quieter aspects. They are teachers of great wisdom. Think on the Goddesses evoked this night. Call out:

Hekate, Nemesis, Morrighan, Demeter, Inanna, Kali, Tiamet, Persephone.
Wielders of cleansing destruction and darkness,
You are embraced.
Without pain, no joy,
Without rage, no love,

Without the night, no day,
Without death, no life.
I thank you, I listen to you, Great Dark Mother, She of the Night.

Think on the darkness in your own soul. Could you be ridding yourself of pain? Can you learn and move past frustration or anger? Take this time and energy, turn it to your own purpose. Count blessings, learn from pain, see the darkness in your own soul and learn to respect it, to you it. What is is trying to teach you?