A Prayer to the Lunar Eclipse


I had forgotten about you.

But you were always there.


a speck of something that never

went away.

Maybe I forgot

about you

because I was too afraid

to face the darkness that still lingered

behind my closed door.

You don’t serve me though.

You don’t make my days full

or wondrous.

And so,

upon this time

where the Moon’s bright face

is shadowed,

I ask for the strength

to let you go.

To move through

to a new place,

a wilder, freer place.

Even as the black falls across

the White Orb as full as can be,

the constant

guiding light of our Mother’s Nighttime Face

is ever there.

Bright One, Shadowed One

who asks that I look deep,

bless upon me

the Truth,

the Magick,

the Power.

I am ready to face you,

to see you for what you are,

to let you pass through


Sweet Moon,

I heed your message.

I face the closet door,

and I see the Shadow,

and I am One Light

too strong to be diminished.

Blessed Be.


December Full Moon- Speak Out

~Gemini Full Moon ~ Tuesday, December 13th 2016 ~ 22 degrees Gemini~

~The Last Super Moon of 2016~

The full moon of December is named the Cold Moon and reminds us of the cold winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere. This full moon is also called the Long Nights Moon because it occurs very close to the Winter Solstice or Yule— the shortest day of the year and the start of winter. Yule falls on Wednesday, Dec. 21st, this year.

The December full moon is the third super moon in a row, following the super moons of October and November. It’s also the last full moon of 2016. With full moon magick of fruition and reaping what we have sown at the new moon, this final full moon of the year is a time to realize your final goals of this past year.

~Gemini Moon~


Every garden needs tending, especially that which holds the fertile ground of your words. Gemini tells you to prune and refresh your words. Your words nourish your soul and connect you to your truth. Don’t fail your words and they will always be there for you. A divine fertilizer in a garden which flowers in your footsteps.

The Gemini Full Moon also brings up questions of integrity. What type of person do you say you are? What words are you using? How are you using them? Do you speak thoughtfully, carefully selecting the thoughts you express with your voice? Are you more unfiltered? This Moon assists us turn ourselves to the truth inside us. It provides a talking stick to a voice of wisdom residing deep in our unconscious. This time can also show us times when we could be using our words better.

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.”

Conversations can often wind down an unintended path and leave you wondering how you got to that not so pleasant place. You may end up saying things you didn’t mean to and feel it would have been better to have bitten your tongue. Take note of these situations. Pay attention to your emotions when you are talking and even writing. Do certain words affect how you feel? Take the time to learn these patterns and then adapt yourself to these unpredictable situations.

~Gemini and Sagittarius Connection~

Gemini repreaents thinking and communicating on a grade school level. Gemini was where we found our first friends and our first sentences. This house rules primary connections, both social and mental. The lessons we learned as children often become ingrained in our personalities. Saying sorry when it’s not needed, being overly apologetic. The language we incorporate as children literally lays down the foundation for how our brain works.

Sagittarius, the sun house opposite this Gemini Full Moon, shines a light on its lessons. Sagittarius informs thinking and communicating on a more elevated level. A college level of speaking. Words change to incorporate philosophy and are ever looking for more wisdom. This house asks you to consider how other cultures think.

With the Gemini Full Moon opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, a calling to monitor the root thinking behind our feelings (Moon), and live more fully in our soul (Sun) can be heard. A calling to think, speak, and live with our highest level of integrity of self. At this time we can re-write negative thinking habits and live from a spiritual, expanding foundation, not a habitual one.

~The Moon And It’s Message~

Anchor yourself in uncertain waters.
Go ashore. Find solace in your truth. Your spirit. Your heart. Waves both big and small will always be a part of the sea, they are also a part of life. Find structure and comfort in knowing who you are. Search for new horizons. Set your course for far off lands of mystery and fulfillment. Look to the stars overhead and allow understanding to flood your mind. Know that the waves of the emotional sea are adventures not obstacles.

~Moon Opposite Saturn~

A triangle stack of wood, ready for a fire. Build your foundation. If you want a lasting fire, you must stack your wood correctly. It won’t catch otherwise. Plans are life’s foundations, life’s structure. They can change but they offer us a place to begin.

~Moon Trine Jupiter~

Unveiling devine gifts. Goddess shines down upon you. Your intuition will lead you toward expansion. Trust this and the assistance will flow in. Your gifts are already here and live.

Super Full Moon Magick

We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives.

The moon is upon us.

During this night’s full moon, the eve of November 14th, the Moon will appear very large and bright . This is the closest the Moon will be near the Earth until November 25th 2034. There is some powerful magick blooming on this night. Take advantage.

The Full Moon a spark to our creative inspiration and magick. The powers of nature have reached their peak. The unconscious mind now opens to gentle, quieter influences. In it’s round presence it symbolizes abundance and fulfillment. By observing the Full Moon as the powerful time to invoke ceremonial affirmations, we can align ourselves to this natural magic.  We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives. To experience the Full Moon’s full potential, you can light a candle each evening upon the rising of the full moon. You can also include the three nights prior to the Full Moon. I will be saying these affirmations as well as personal ones for fertility tonight and the three nights following. You can say the following or choose your own words:

Full Moon, Moon of Fulfillment,
Your beauty wonders me with enchantment.
Your magick works in the world and through me.
I am reminded of my own power
To shape my own reality.

Now, if you wish, recite affirmations which you have chosen to fit your situation. I would write them down in a list  in advance. An example of mine is “I am fertile and strong. I am the mother of a new child. I am pregnant at the time of my ovulation.” Then finish by reciting:

Oh Moon of Completion,
So this is and so shall it be.
Oh Moon of Celebration,
I dance in the joy of being
As I affirm the completion of my magick and my desires.

For an added power boost, you can write your affirmations down on a piece of special stationery. Maybe writing them ten times each. Then, fold the paper and burn it in a brazier, flame-proof vessel, or sacred fire. Now, your desires have been given over to the universe.
Candle Magick Addition

White and silver candles connect with lunar powers. You can also use any color which connects to your ideal of high energy and fulfillment. Large, spherical glow candles are also very symbolic. For candle scents, anointing oils, or incense, fragrances which connect to the Full Moon include frankincense, lemon, rose, lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. You can also choose fragrances which connect to your desires.

If you have an altar, a Full Moon celebration provides the opportunity to be creative. You can decorate it with round white stones, sea shells, silver coins, silver touches, a strand of white globe-shaped Christmas lights or fairy lights, round mirrors, white flowers or those with sphere heads, and objects which symbolize things you want to bring into your life or the moon in general. A small round cake can also be eaten on the night of the Full Moon, if you so choose. Cakes are frequently used to celebrate the completion of goals and moon cakes are a symbol from many Asian countries. Also don’t forget the rabbits.

Full Moon Meditation

This is a guided meditation on my YouTube page, as promised. This is focused on letting go. Full Moons are great times to remember what is great in your life and let go of all things which don’t serve you. I just hosted my first new moon ritual all by myself, in my big girl pants and everything. I am quite happy with how it turned out and people seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I also found an alluring poem about the full moon which I have included below the video. Check it out!

Full Moon Risen by Steve Pedlow
Above the spume of wind
touched waves at South Beach,
Stood there as a moon flew
with golden glow that filled the night sky,

Sculpted sand sifted beneath my feet
where my tread carved more,
Scudding clouds threatened to obscure,
but failed their hiding task,

The moonlight glistened
from the edge of the ocean down to my feet,
I dodged seaweed strewn on the shore,
and edged to the verge of wet,
And wondered at the wonder;

not alone I turned to call others to my side,
But they wore shoes not made for shedding
and clothes not made for rolling,
Strange it is to miss the splendor
for dry feet and unsalted ankles.