Breakfast Smoothie to Start the Day!

smoothie pic

Morning! (At least it was when I ate this very delicious smoothie.)

Recently I have been trying to make myself things for breakfast that I won’t get sick of. I don’t know about you but that is a major issue for me. I hate having to eat the same thing everyday just because I don’t know how else to make myself a healthy breakfast. As a result I took to the web to find interesting and tasty ideas for breakfast and I actually ended up returning to something I had done in the past, smoothies.

What I had not thought to do in the past was use peanut butter! So this time I was getting creative. Boy did it work! So here is the recipe, if you can call it that since it was so easy, for this delicious, protein powered smoothie:

Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Servings: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Prep/Cook Time: 5 minutes

  • 4 medium strawberries, frozen
  • 2-3 tbs. peanut butter, natural/organic (I used chucky but smooth would be fine)
  • 3-4 tbs. Greek yogurt, organic either plain or vanilla
  • 1-2 tbs. Almond milk (I used Almond Breeze with Coconut, can also use regular milk. I am lactose intolerant so I didn’t.)

I used a Magic Bullet to make this. You can use a traditional blender as well and that way you can make more at once. This is a blender meal, so essentially just toss it all in and blend until smooth. You can change how much peanut butter to milk/yogurt you add to make it thicker or thinner. To boost the goodness you can also add protein powder, a banana, or more berries. The peanut butter I used also had some coconut oil in it so I was really able to enjoy the coconut flavor. If you want more of that add straight coconut milk to the smoothie instead of regular or almond milk.

I vary the ingredients of my smoothies quite frequently so that I have a lot of variety. Next time I will post a savory smoothie recipe for lunch time or a breakfast pairing.

Enjoy a delicious smoothie to start off your day!


The Importance of Music

So often I find that music can alter, heighten, excite, or amplify my mood and my motivation.

Recently I have had to deal with some pretty crappy luck, but I’m getting better at not letting it bother me. Is my worth solely based on how other view me or by how much they believe I am worth? No. It is not. Well the words are easier said (or typed rather) than believed. However, they are a start.

One of the other things that really gets me feeling like myself again and even having hope again is music. Recently after a particularly helpful yoga session and shower, two songs came on my Pandora station and though I had heard them before I needed to hear them in this moment. They helped to lift me back up.

Now one of the amazing things about music is it can be ambiguous. To some it may mean one thing and to someone else another. While the meanings to some songs may seem pretty straight forward other can be open to interpretation. Well I personally love to find my own connections to the lyrics in my own life and situation. When these two songs came on I connected them to my own situation and I was able to use their positive lyrics to help ease my frustrations.

If you too need a pick me up and want to listen to a couple of songs which have great, positive messages I highly suggest these. They are a bit silly, very energetic, and for me a little bit of a guilty pleasure. But hey, I like them. So I don’t really feel that guilty. I like what I like.

Enjoy these videos and I hope they help you feel strong and like you can keep going.

Next time you need to get up and dance or go for a run, use these to help give you some motivation.

Motivation and Loving My Temple

Hello Lovelies!

For my introduction to the My Temple Category of posts I included one of my favorite instagram photos of myself. While it is old it always makes me feel great. We can do it! My Rosie the Riveter style image helps me to feel strong and powerful.

“We can do it!” can apply to any type of situation including the dreaded “workout.” I suffer from lack of motivation like anyone and I really feel the strain when I hit the one month mark. Around that time I feel my motivation waning. It’s been a little over three weeks and I’ve been doing great. It’s right around this time that I hit a wall, suddenly I’m saying “Do I have to?” when before it was “I’m so proud of myself.”

Recently I hit that wall again in my training for a 5k. I decided to train for the run because I had a rather scary, if not likely, thought. What if I am chased by someone? Could I get away? In the event of the Zombie Apocalypse could I survive having to outrun hoards of undead fiends? The unfortunate answer was no. So I started training to run and an important fact, I hate running. But I stuck with it. Using a very neat app on my phone I started running and my husband even joined me. I was going great until I hit the inevitable wall.

So how do I get past the wall. For me it was as simple as reviewing that intention. Often in yoga classes, exercise courses, etc. they ask you to remember your intentions. To think back to why you are doing the activity in the first place. So I asked myself, “Can I outrun that zombie?” Well the answer is still no. This makes me remember my ultimate desire, to complete my goal. This outweighs the momentary desire to avoid the work out.

The other thing that really helps me and I think will help others, is to use a program or app which “rewards” you for your effort. I’m human and as such I love positive reinforcement. I use an app that rewards me for completed workouts and gives me detailed stats about how I performed that day. This really helps me because one of the frustrating things about working out and looking for a change is that it happens gradually overtime. You’re not going to drop 10 pounds, run a marathon, and look rockin’ after one routine, unfortunately. What I can see is that I’m faster compared to the first run. I can listen to my body and feel that I’m less sore and eventually I will be able to see the change in my body. These apps and stats help me feel like I’m actually doing something in the meantime.

I’m still going and the running is getting easier. If you want to take a peak at a neat app, look for S Health and Coach by Cigna for Android. I am also a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Her 30 Days of Yoga playlist is great.

Check her out here:

Keep Going Strong and Never Give Up!

My Temple

Your body is your temple…

So treat it right and decorate the walls!


I love food don’t get me wrong, but when my body isn’t running on good fuel I can tell. I feel sluggish and lazy and worst of all nauseated. This category is devoted to healthy options, exercise, meditation, and stress reduction. As a person who suffers from anxiety disorder, reducing my stress and training myself to handle the chaos of the world is extremely important. It takes time but it can be done.

Another thing you will notice is that I LOVE tattoos. As I said, if my body is my temple why not decorate the walls? Art isn’t just for canvases.

For more posts like this, check out the My Temple category.

So settle in, take a deep breath, and traverse this rocky terrain with me. After all I’m not perfect and hamburgers are yummy!