A Prayer to the Lunar Eclipse


I had forgotten about you.

But you were always there.


a speck of something that never

went away.

Maybe I forgot

about you

because I was too afraid

to face the darkness that still lingered

behind my closed door.

You don’t serve me though.

You don’t make my days full

or wondrous.

And so,

upon this time

where the Moon’s bright face

is shadowed,

I ask for the strength

to let you go.

To move through

to a new place,

a wilder, freer place.

Even as the black falls across

the White Orb as full as can be,

the constant

guiding light of our Mother’s Nighttime Face

is ever there.

Bright One, Shadowed One

who asks that I look deep,

bless upon me

the Truth,

the Magick,

the Power.

I am ready to face you,

to see you for what you are,

to let you pass through


Sweet Moon,

I heed your message.

I face the closet door,

and I see the Shadow,

and I am One Light

too strong to be diminished.

Blessed Be.

Celebrating Lammas/Lughnasadh in the Kitchen

Celebrated on the Eve of August or August 1st in most traditions, Lughnasadh is an Irish Gaelic name for the feast which signals the death games of Lugh, the Celtic god of light and child of the Sun.

lammas lughnasadh ritual sabbat celebration altar

Happy Lughnasadh or Lammas, whichever you wish to call it!

As the full sun rises on this beautiful Summer day, I can feel the heat around come to the crest in its pendulum swing. Things will start to cool after this burst of warmth and the harvest time will be upon us. To celebrate this wonderful Sabbat, I am getting in touch with my Kitchen Witch side (thanks very much to the amazing treasures contained in this month’s Sabbat Box).

::The Story of Lammas-Lughnasadh::

Celebrated on the Eve of August or August 1st in most traditions, Lughnasadh is an Irish Gaelic name for the feast which signals the death games of Lugh, the Celtic god of light and child of the Sun. The Sabbat is often called Lammas, or Loaf Mass, as well.

The Wheel of the Year;’s story tells of the Sun God transferring his power into the grain during this time. He is then sacrificed when the grain is harvested. A dying, self-sacrificing and then resurrecting god of the harvest. Who by doing so saves his people. This tale, as you can probably tell, influence later religions. It is also said that this funeral was not actually for him but for his Mother, Tailte.

As the grain grows and ripens, the power of the sun goes into them. The first bread of the season is made from what has been harvested. This is where the Saxon hlaef-masse, or loaf-mass, now Lammas, comes in. Seed grain was also typically saved for planting the following year’s crop. Allowing the Sun god to rise again in the Spring as the new green shoots are seen. There are many traditions and customs all over the world which celebrate this time and you can also see this in the tales of the Harvest Goddesses and a procession of the Maiden turned to Mother now becoming a Crone.

This is the time for bread-making and corn-dollies. Goddesses celebrated on this Sabbat commonly include: Demeter and Ceres, and any other harvest deity. Trees associated with Lammas are Hazel and Gorse, with the herbs Sage and Meadowsweet being associated with this Sabbat. Additional herbs associated with Lughnasadh include: All Grains, Grapes, Heather, Blackberries, Sloe, Crab Apples, Pears. Colors associated with Lughnasadh are gold, yellow, and orange for the God and red, brown, and also gold for the Goddess.

::My Altar and Ritual::

Today, I’m getting in touch with my love of cooking and home. The gifts I mentioned above came with a sweet, little cookie stamp in the shape of a pentacle and a recipe for Honey Almond cookies. I’m going to be making these for my celebration at the Sekhmet Goddess Temple tomorrow. Although, I will admit that I am a little hesitant to go into a hot kitchen while it’s in the 100’s outside and I’m pregnant and hot anyway. Oh well.

I’ve also decorated my altar with a beautiful corn dolly statue, which is a nice change from the real thing which can flake and breaks down. This dolly can hang out all the way through to September. The altar is also be covered in beautiful golden trinkets that remind me of the Sun and all it has given us to survive and flourish, and with it being Leo season one of them is a golden lion leaping up inside the round circle of the Sun.

A specially created Lughnasadh incense and candle is burning on the altar and filling my nose with spice and flowers and sunshine. Sashes of yellow and red and orange lay draped across the top of my altar and I’ve anointed myself with a custom Lughnasadh blessing oil. Sitting in the setting sun and soaking up all the goodness, I’m taking this time to thanks the Harvest Deities and the Sun for another prosperous year under their guidance.

This is the time to reap what we have sown and take stock for the coming Fall and Winter. I am feeling very connected to the cycles this year as my belly has grown with the sun and it will soon be time to harvest this little one and welcome Baby Moon into the world.

Bright Blessings All Around!

lammas lughnasadh ritual sabbat celebration altar full

::Celebration Activities::

Aside from doing a ritual to recognize the changing season, here are a few other ways to celebrate this Sabbat.

  • Create and/or decorate ritual items like a Stang, or if you’re feeling the Kitchen Witch vibe your cooking tools like a wooden spoon.
  • Take a walk through the woods and spend time meditating on beautiful surroundings.
  • Make bread and enjoy it with friends and family
  • Make a wicker man and put all of your bad habits into him and then toss him in your ritual bonfire.
  • Make a corn dolly.
  • Harvest any plants you’ve been growing and use them to make something yummy or beautiful for the coming Fall.
  • Drape yourself in yellow or the rays of the Sun and pull in the warmth and growth this Sabbat offers.

This Sabbat is a wonderful time to be grateful for all that is coming into begin because of the seeds you planted earlier in the Wheel of the Year. Take stock, enjoy, and as always enjoy the tiny, crazy ways the world is expressing its joy and beauty.

Blessed Be.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice Spirit

The longest day of the cosmic year, Summer Solstice 2017 is your time to strip it down and swim back to your roots.

Connect with Summer Solstice energy through these fun celebratory ideas. Then, read on for three in depth looks at the Solstice energy building around us.

  • Ignite a Fantasy Life with a Movie: The Sun is now entering the sign of Cancer for this Solstice. This mermaid’s energy is focused all around the creative power of our fantasies. Whether you’re dying to be Wonder Woman or want to enjoy a steamy, romantic read, take joy in the free flowing potential of your inner visions by allowing yourself to be swept off your feet by fantastically real stories of love and adventure.
  • Go Skinny Dipping: This Solstice is definitely about stripped bare and diving into our private lives. Take the plunge at noon with friends or go solo at midnight. It’s all about celebrating begin wholly in your own skin and connecting with your internal world. If you’re like me and swimming isn’t your strong suit, get naked and enjoy a bath with your favorite aromatherapy and allow your mind to drift inward.
  • Host a Slumber Party: Stay up all night on this the longest day of the year . Pamper yourself with at home spa treatments and channel the nostalgic Cancer Season feelings with Old Hollywood classics, high school yearbooks, or photo albums.
  • Relax with your Deities: Ruled by the Moon, the Solstice says to connect to our feminine ancestors and those who came before, whomever this means to you. Those you’ve held dear, who’ve made a place in your heart, who you’ve admired and bowed to at the altar their force of nature. Honor them, however you can, whether it’s a full blown ritual or a simple moment of reflection enjoying your favorite tea.
  • Love Thyself: Light the candles, let the mood music ring out, and dress yourself to the nines in your most sensual attire. Get intimate with yourself and determine just what turns you on in your most private moments. Romance yourself.
  • Let the Music Play: Put on your favorite upbeat, summer mix and dance till you fall down. Rejoice in the fulfillment of this time. I’m personally quite fond of this one.

::Let’s Get Deep::

~Increased light means increased consciousness.

When we have times in the year that change the flow of the seasons they offer the chance to help us to define time and get in touch with the Universe’s sacred rhythm. We transition from one phase of time to another. This is the longest day of the year, and increased light means increased consciousness.

Since the Winter Solstice, we’ll been in a yin state, filled with rejuvenation, six months of inward processing, and clearing away that which doesn’t service. Now, we open ourselves to the Universe and push forward into a yang state.

On the shortest day of the year we planted a seed. After it had been fertilization by our new ideas and spirit, it grew into a beautiful flower now ready to open its petals. A sweet release of a held breath that welcomes this new growth into the world.

Find something you can get your hands on and honor the fullness and richness of life available right now. As you take joy in this splendor, you’ll move move into your heart space, attracting your desires.

~Grounded, Connected, Clear

August brings with in Eclipse Season. So, the Solstice and Cancer season is a great time to get grounded, connected, and clear. The New Moon in Cancer follows the Solstice by two days, and it’s time to create new intentions, have a blast, and enjoy summertime vibes.

At the precise moment when the Sun enters Cancer, the Waning Crescent Balsamic Moon in Taurus joins with Venus in Taurus. This auspicious alignment in the Solstice chart shows us that this seasonal change will grant gifts of bounty. The Moon rules Cancer, and is in Taurus, and Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is dignified in here. What’s more, the Moon forms an perfect trine, a supportive angle of manifestation, to Pluto and all its glory.

This luxurious and poignant alignment grounds us as the Sun hits his peak and we ready ourselves for the season of Cancer. Cancer, who loves to connect immensely with loved ones, opens a doorway to nurturing our connection to lovers, friends, and family as we reach down to our roots for increased safety and abundance.

~Skinny dip into your heart

Deep in your soul, how does midnight shine? This Summer Solstice, dim the lights, strip down to beautiful skin, and take the plunge into your heart’s most intimate places.

With Neptune, the Sun, and Mercury entering our mermaid friend Cancer on the same day, the Summer Solstice is a water goddess’s dream. This ocean breeze Solstice is a homecoming to wash delicately, yet fiercely, back into our own shores, to take stock of where we’ve been, and to let everything which has grown in our inner treasure troves give us the strength to sail on strong winds into Tomorrow.

Dance in the waves and swim back to your home. And remember that home is inside you because you belong everywhere, and always, to yourself.

~Activity for Solstice

Think on these words, “I bow to worship my most tender, nocturnal aspects.”
Eat foods like your favorite nighttime snacks and home-cooked classics. Try out some nightshade fruits and veggies, like tomatoes, sip some yummy cardamom-infused milks, and enjoy robust, family-made pastas.

And remember, if you’re like me and can’t get to the ocean or water source near you, you can always enjoy a loving, long soak in your tub with your favorite aromatherapy or bath salts that spark images of the sea. And if that’s not doable, simply enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water and reflect on how it connects us to everything and our emotions.

New Moon Ritual January 27th, 2017

new moon ritual desert 2017 Chinese New Year magickHello!

As I head off to my New Moon Ritual with my ladies at the Sekhmet Goddess Temple, I though I would share the ritual I created for this evening. I’m leaving it in the template I use so you can see what the breakdown of time is like. This is just one example of a ritual and you can use it to create your own or simply enjoy thinking on the words and information presented for the Chinese New Year.

  1. Smudging– Have priestesses smudge in participants and have participants form a circle inside the temple and remain standing.
  2. Toning– use Mah to create sound vibrations. Repeat for 3 breaths.
  3. Call in Elements:
    1. East- Spirts of East, powers of air. You are the cool breeze that rushes over our skin in the dark of night, fueling an inner spark. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    2. South- Spirts of South, powers of fire. You are energy and transformation made manifest. You fill us with the courage, strength, and passion to our sparks build into roaring fires. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    3. West- Spirits of the West, powers of water. You are the blood flowing through out veins. You are an emotional quiet and stillness that balances our growing flame. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    4. North- Spirts of the North, powers of earth. You are the firm earth that creates a foundation for our fiery expansion. A root to ground the explosive transformation of our roaring fire. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    5. Above- Spirits of Cosmos, powers of above. You are the arching totality of the universe. You guide us and create a big picture where we can direct our fire. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    6. Below- Spirits of Silence, powers of below. You are the void and the quiet from which our souls, our embers are born. You are the cauldron from which this miraculous potion boils over. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
    7. Within- Spirits of Enlightenment, powers of within. You are at our core connecting us to our sisters. You are the light that keeps our inner flames glowing bright and proud. Welcome to our circle. Blessed Be.
  4. Call in Sekhmet– Sekhmet, Great One of Magic, Awakener, Lady of Transformations, The Aware, and Enlightener. You are our Great Mother.  We ask that you join us now so that we may be aware and awakened to the growing flame within us all, so that we may release that which doesn’t serve us and move forward toward transformation.  Sa Sekhem Sahu.
  5. Call in Self:
    1. If small group, go around circle and we will repeat your name back after you say it three times.
    2. If large group, go around circle saying name once.
    3. Both end with in saying “Mother we are here,” in unison.
  6. Declaration of the Year of the Fire Rooster: Information from the Numinous- A flock of hot-tempered fowl strutting around like they own the place in not what we need right now. We need love, compassion, and action. We should take heart however. Fire Roosters can be show-offs, but if we look past the plumage, beautiful in its own right, we’ll be relieved to see they are not the competitive trickster like 2016’s Fire Monkey. This change in sign for 2017, indicates a change toward playing fair again, realizing that “winning” and slinging mud isn’t worth our pride and personal relationships.

If you were born in 1933, 45, 57, 69, 81, 93 or 2005, you could very well be born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Rooster. But January or February birthdays should look at when the New Year fell that year.

The Year of the Rooster holds:

Hard work will pay off—so tend to that nest egg.

Good old-fashioned hard work—with some Rooster-style flair—will rule. The rooster rises with the Sun, so get an earlier start to your days. Create a morning ritual and become mindful with money. This is not the year to rush ahead without a plan. Good habits and regular exercise will keep us productive during uncertain times.

Beware: This may be a year of inflated egos and power tripping. Be clear about the pecking order in joint projects, even if some people have more authority than others. If you’re in charge, don’t be “all squawk, no action.” And watch the cutting critiques of other people in power.

The Year of the Fire Rooster is a fine time for joint ventures. Gather the flock and pool your resources. With the thrifty and financially strict Fire Rooster leading, there could be large cuts in government spending to get national debt under control. Collecting back taxes and recouping old debts may also be deployed with vigilance.

Love will get flirtatious, showy, and hot.

The feisty Fire Rooster is a shameless flirt who loves attention. Let yourself be a little more flamboyant as you court the sizzling spotlight or strut through the metaphorical henhouse. As modern-day humans, let’s take gender out of the equation. No matter your romantic preferences, welcomed, titillating, and tawdry exchanges can get some serious sparks flying. However, don’t mistake Rooster swagger for the real deal. Occasionally, a little tempting and teasing is just for fun, so enjoy this “cage-free” fun for what it is.

Flamboyant fashion will be a trend.

Break out the feathers, headdresses, and showboating style! The preening Rooster loves to be noticed. Mega-entertainers like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez were born under the sign of the Rooster. A little of the area’s natural Vegas-style glitz or a return to the 1970s wild patterns could return.

The role of men will get a much-needed upgrade.

With 2016’s Monkey-minded misogyny hopefully fading in our rearview mirrors, and though the barnyard king can be cocky, the Rooster is known to take care of his hens. In 2017, the fight for gender equality wages on—and it won’t come solely from women. We can expect to hear more men and non-binary people standing up for women’s rights and embracing the feminist label. This works especially well when women as feminist’s open and embrace diversity beyond womanhood. Think on your transgendered, gender-fluid, intersex, and ethnically diverse sisters, and even brothers, listen to their voices, welcome them, and we’ll all be the better for it.

Simultaneously, a return to chivalry, which can appear chauvinistic at times, could also occur. There’s a fine line between helping and treating women like helpless “little ladies.” Certain men must learn this.

On the world stage, 2017 could bring more swagger from governments who puff themselves up to look strong. Global leaders must be careful not to get swept into petty “cockfights,” while also being strategic and focused on details. Homeland security will be a big issue for many countries, got to keep that coop safe! Left unchecked it could bring another wave of xenophobia however. We have to work harder to keep open dialogues in 2017, instead of continuing to polarize across racial, philosophical, gender, and class lines.

Health and wellness will continue to be thriving issues.

Are you caring for your body? The fastidious, Virgo influence of the Year of the Rooster helps us incorporate wellness as part of our regular routines. Find a gym or set one up at home, move every day. Schedule checkups and find a doctor who listens to you and wants to help you discover underlying chronic health issues.

In 2017, preventative medicine like massage, acupuncture, and a vitamin-rich diet is the smartest prescription. Clean eating gets another boost from the Rooster year, and with the fire element afoot, the menu will likely include more spices, spicy and savory, cooked foods, raw juices, and smoothies. Results won’t come overnight this year, but by putting healthy practices in place, we’ll be crowing AND glowing by the time 2017 is through.

  1. Activity- A tradition when celebrating the Chinese New Year is a complete cleaning of the house and removing the old and welcome the new. This can also mean cleaning your physical self through a ritual shower or bath, and cleaning your mind. To great the New Year, consider cleaning the house, taking that special bath, and work out releases old emotions and thoughts and welcoming new, positive ones. You can try it a little right now. Think on a thought or feeling that’s been holding you back. Focus on a single idea. Then, let it fill your mind, not to let it take over but to understand it entirely. Next, as you breathe in think to yourself I welcome the new, and as you breathe out think I release the old. Let go of that thought. Release it to the universe where it can be safely recycled. You can take a few more breaths to fully let it go. Try this with different thoughts, with bigger habits, each time releasing and welcoming new, better thoughts and habits.
  2. Discussion– Open chat about what we want to create and transform, go around circle. If don’t want to say anything, simply say blessed be.
  3. Release Elements:
    1. East- Spirits of East, powers of air. Thank you for your presence and blessings of knowledge, happiness, and renewal.  Blessed Be.
    2. South- Spirits of South, powers of fire. Thank you for your presence and blessings of courage, passion, and transformation.  Blessed Be.
    3. West- Spirits of West, powers of water. Thank you for your presence and blessings of peace, compassion, and balance.  Blessed Be.
    4. North- Spirits of North, powers of earth. Thank you for your presence and blessings of stability, abundance, and resilience.  Blessed Be.
    5. Above- Spirits of Cosmos, powers of above. Thank you for your presence and blessings of expansion, creativity, and hope.  Blessed Be.
    6. Below- Spirits of Silence, powers of below. Thank you for your presence and blessings of quiet, confidence, and beginnings.  Blessed Be.
    7. Within- Spirits of Enlightenment, powers of within. Thank you for your presence and blessings of acceptance, magick, and oneness.  Blessed Be.
  4. Release Sekhmet– Sekhmet, Mother of the Gods, Lady of the Place of the Beginning of Time, Finder of Ways, Keeper of the Light, and Beloved Teacher. We thank you for you ever present love and guidance.  You are in all our days and nights, within and without.  Sa Sekhem Sahu.
  5. Closing song and cackle

Winter Solstice Meditation

“I lay to rest all the worries and all the negativity of the old year.”

winter solstice.jpg
Let Go & Be Still

Winter Solstice, a time of quiet on the longest night. This is the moment where the pendulum hovers at the time of darkness ruled over by the Holly King and the Dark Mother.

As this cold, long night reaches its peak, the pendulum swings back. Now we journey toward the time of light, of energy. The Bright Mother and the Oak King will reign over this other half of the year.

To the rest of the world the year itself is coming to an end. But we know this is only a tipping point. Nothing is “ending.” In fact, each day will get longer and longer. This is a time of beginnings.

We look forward to ushering in the hope and promise of this lighter half of the year. Our solstice is a time of renewal. It is also a time to let go of that which is no longer serving you.


This winter solstice meditation will allow you to ease yourself into this new half of the year. Welcome the turning of the Wheel and step into the light as your best self.

As you begin your meditation, follow your typical habits. Get comfortable, relax, and take a deep breath. Feel the Earth beneath you as you sit or lie down. Feel the air around you. Feel the fire within you. Feel the water as your blood flowing through you.

Breathe deep.

Think on this affirmation, “I lay to rest all the worries and all the negativity of the old year.”

When ready, hold your hands to your chest to form the Dharmachakra Mudra.
To do this mudra, pinch your left middle finger with the index and
thumb of your right hand. Put your index finger and thumb together with both hands, this symbolizes the Wheel of Life. The left hand represents your inner
world, and the right hand represents the external environment. This mudra brings the two worlds together. During this meditation think of one wheel as the ending half of the year, and the other wheel as the new half.

Take another grounding breath and think on something you wish to release. As you inhale, pull all the energy connected to that item into your lungs. Then, exhale and as the air leaves your lungs imagine yourself blowing out the negativity, the habit, the thought, holding you back. Blow out all that doesn’t serve you.

Take six more breaths, totaling seven. Inhale and release as before. Think of something you wish to let go and blow it out of your life. Imagine your breath as a cool rush of Winter air. Let it sweep clean the things from your past you don’t need.

When you have completed your seven breaths, think on a symbol, a sigil, that represents what you wish to achieve in the coming months. Brew the image in your mind like a hot cup of tea, filling you with warmth and power.

With the image solid and strong in your mind, open your eyes and draw it on a piece of paper. Hold it tight to your chest and fill it with your intention.

Work on this goal each day and when you feel you have accomplished it, or are ready to move to a new goal, burn the paper in a sacred fire.

The time of darkness is ending and a new light lies around the corner. The Wheel of the Year turns again and each time it does we have a chance to learn something about the world and ourselves.

Let go of the past, welcome the future. Be present, be hopeful, be the light.

Blessed Be.


Empathy: More Than Just a Word

If we’re going to do these things and really help we must really work toward inner balance.

magick hands empathy Wicca pagan strength power
Empathy is Strength

Empathy has been tossed around a lot on the Web these days. A lot of it has been good and can help many people. But what’s the deal with empathy and can our spiritual practice help us with it?

There are many different ways to interpret the word empathy. However, the basic idea remains the same. Empathy is the process of emotionally reflecting, experiencing, or absorbing the emotions surrounding you. In addition, the experience of empathy necessitates a return of compassion. Think of it like this. Sympathy can be explained as “feeling for” a person. Empathy is more emotionally intimate and could be explained as “feeling with” the external emotions present. Empaths then are those who continually absorb emotional energy and frequently “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.”

If you’re like me, then you’ve come to realize that what you’re feeling and experiencing is more than just general sympathy. We’ve realized we are empaths and we’ve experienced all the ups and downs.

For those of us who are very emotionally sensitive, to the point of absorbing external emotional energy each day, personal balance isn’t just a great goal it’s a necessity.

Don’t think of empathy like a curse though. It helps us find social unity, reinforce love, and assist to heal the world. If we’re going to do these things and really help we must really work toward inner balance. To manage strong levels of empathy, the metaphysically inclined empath, and others seeking balance, can work toward the items below.

~Shielding and Protecting~

It’s so common to want to hide away when the emotion load gets heavy. But instead of forcing yourself into perpetual self-isolation, which is actually really destructive, choose to protect yourself. This is when shielding comes into play. Constructing shields using ritualistic visualization each day or week is a way to help maintain balance. Most psychic shield visualizations are crystalline, spherical, glassy, or “mesh-like.” When using these techniques, avoid  visualizing impermeable or reflective shields, unless the need is dire. This can actually push your energy way too far away from the outside world. Additionally, remember that we empaths are notoriously emotionally vulnerable. If you feel like your shields have been compromised by a challenging social situation, they can easily be remade with added visualization and re-connection.

~Practice Spiritual Connection Every Day~

Life is a spiritual experience. No matter what spiritual path you’re on, you can connect with divine every day. Choosing to manage your emotions and personal energy on a daily basis will be the most important daily action for empaths. To help break free from the daily cycles that can bog you down, take time out for morning and/or evening meditation, tarot reading, prayer, ritual, and even simple solitude. Instead of throwing yourself into it right away, gradually build up how much time you spending taking a moment for yourself. Plus, everyone’s spiritual needs will be different. Do what works for you. There isn’t a correct way to connect and revitalize. As you grow, challenge yourself and allow the spiritual work to come from your heart. The heart is after all where empaths find their strength.

~Service Work as Personal Healing~

Empathy’s greatest gift is that of connecting with others. We are natural healers. When we are in a balanced state, we can help facilitate unity and understanding in those around us. We can choose to express this energy with others not only socially, but also through charitable volunteer work, educational activities, vocational social work, art, political activism, and the healing arts. We can also dedicate ourselves to support strictly progressive and earth-conscious companies with our everyday consumer purchases.

~Tailor Your Surroundings~

To the best of your ability, choose to surround yourself with kindhearted individuals who empower your strengths, encourage your happiness, and positively challenge your perception. Naturally, choose to do the same for them! Decide to minimally interact with overly pessimistic and discouraging people, and come up with a game plan of how to react and respond when you are faced with difficult individuals. Also, don’t forget to take breaks when needed; some amount of alone time is deeply beneficial for every empathic soul! Additional environmental suggestions include taking good care of pets (love them and receive love!), not spending too much time gaming or using computers, and even considering therapy, counseling, or life coaching during extenuated periods of emotional stress.

alchemy alchemize transmute empathy strength gift Wicca pagan magick magic
Project Change

~Alchemize, Transmute, Transform~

Did you know that as an empath you can not only absorb emotions but transmute them? Empathy is not just absorptive, but projective. Often, empaths can change the mood of a room simply by being there. This displays how empathy is an influential force as well. You can take this to the next level by deciding to utilize emotion-based alchemy in a ritualistic environment when you feel overloaded or very negative.

If it’s in your tradition and you feel comfortable, cast a circle or use visualization to create a sacred space. Place an image, object, or a deity’s statue which personally represents transformation in front of you. Put your intention for transformation into this item and dedicate it to that purpose. Gaze at the focal point and sit with your emotions. Open yourself up to insight into the origin of the emotions you’re experiencing. Are they yours, someone else’s, or a combination?

From the right side of your body, or your dominant side if you use this, project your emotional force to the chosen focal point. Then, pull the transformed energy out and into the left, or receptive, side of your body. Sit with these new, magickally transformed emotional energies. Let them carry you through the day. Experiment and try other techniques which appeal to you. Determine which work best for you when working to remove your emotional stress.

~Let Creative Juices Flow~

Art and creativity naturally spring from empaths. Creating art of any type encourages energy from the internal to transfer the external. When we express ourselves, our psyches and spirits can project emotional energy outward rather than having to stay locked inside. Plus, art exists in every imaginable form. Go with what feels right, paint, dance, sing, write. Let intuition be your guide.

~Get Physical~

It’s not uncommon for very empathic individuals to become disconnected from their physical bodies. It makes sense. Empaths are guided by emotions. But, our bodies are our temples for a reason. They exist on the manifest plane and serve as sensory receptors for our consciousness. To function as empaths, as people, we must be mindful of the holistic picture. Body, mind, and soul all working together. Manage your unique physical body with balance. Get the right amount of sleep, consistent exercise (especially Yoga, which is great for empaths), and with medicines, natural or otherwise, as needed. Relaxing baths and cleansing showers are also super helpful and can assist to connect your energy to water, the element of emotions and empathy.

~Know Your Strength and Own It~

Lastly, remember that empathy does not make you weak. In fact, you are incredibly powerful, charismatic, mystical, and socially influential, even if you don’t feel that way sometimes. Say this and feel it. “I am a significantly powerful being in a world which desperately needs emotional awareness and compassion.” And remember, don’t get overly paranoid or depressed when you’re overwhelmed. Not everyone is out to get you or hurt you.

The more proactive we are each day and the more clearly we look at life’s tough moments as lessons, the more we can develop our power as empaths. Thus, helping to change the world. That’s right. You’re changing the world every day just be you. Congrats!

December Full Moon- Speak Out

~Gemini Full Moon ~ Tuesday, December 13th 2016 ~ 22 degrees Gemini~

~The Last Super Moon of 2016~

The full moon of December is named the Cold Moon and reminds us of the cold winter nights in the Northern Hemisphere. This full moon is also called the Long Nights Moon because it occurs very close to the Winter Solstice or Yule— the shortest day of the year and the start of winter. Yule falls on Wednesday, Dec. 21st, this year.

The December full moon is the third super moon in a row, following the super moons of October and November. It’s also the last full moon of 2016. With full moon magick of fruition and reaping what we have sown at the new moon, this final full moon of the year is a time to realize your final goals of this past year.

~Gemini Moon~


Every garden needs tending, especially that which holds the fertile ground of your words. Gemini tells you to prune and refresh your words. Your words nourish your soul and connect you to your truth. Don’t fail your words and they will always be there for you. A divine fertilizer in a garden which flowers in your footsteps.

The Gemini Full Moon also brings up questions of integrity. What type of person do you say you are? What words are you using? How are you using them? Do you speak thoughtfully, carefully selecting the thoughts you express with your voice? Are you more unfiltered? This Moon assists us turn ourselves to the truth inside us. It provides a talking stick to a voice of wisdom residing deep in our unconscious. This time can also show us times when we could be using our words better.

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.”

Conversations can often wind down an unintended path and leave you wondering how you got to that not so pleasant place. You may end up saying things you didn’t mean to and feel it would have been better to have bitten your tongue. Take note of these situations. Pay attention to your emotions when you are talking and even writing. Do certain words affect how you feel? Take the time to learn these patterns and then adapt yourself to these unpredictable situations.

~Gemini and Sagittarius Connection~

Gemini repreaents thinking and communicating on a grade school level. Gemini was where we found our first friends and our first sentences. This house rules primary connections, both social and mental. The lessons we learned as children often become ingrained in our personalities. Saying sorry when it’s not needed, being overly apologetic. The language we incorporate as children literally lays down the foundation for how our brain works.

Sagittarius, the sun house opposite this Gemini Full Moon, shines a light on its lessons. Sagittarius informs thinking and communicating on a more elevated level. A college level of speaking. Words change to incorporate philosophy and are ever looking for more wisdom. This house asks you to consider how other cultures think.

With the Gemini Full Moon opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, a calling to monitor the root thinking behind our feelings (Moon), and live more fully in our soul (Sun) can be heard. A calling to think, speak, and live with our highest level of integrity of self. At this time we can re-write negative thinking habits and live from a spiritual, expanding foundation, not a habitual one.

~The Moon And It’s Message~

Anchor yourself in uncertain waters.
Go ashore. Find solace in your truth. Your spirit. Your heart. Waves both big and small will always be a part of the sea, they are also a part of life. Find structure and comfort in knowing who you are. Search for new horizons. Set your course for far off lands of mystery and fulfillment. Look to the stars overhead and allow understanding to flood your mind. Know that the waves of the emotional sea are adventures not obstacles.

~Moon Opposite Saturn~

A triangle stack of wood, ready for a fire. Build your foundation. If you want a lasting fire, you must stack your wood correctly. It won’t catch otherwise. Plans are life’s foundations, life’s structure. They can change but they offer us a place to begin.

~Moon Trine Jupiter~

Unveiling devine gifts. Goddess shines down upon you. Your intuition will lead you toward expansion. Trust this and the assistance will flow in. Your gifts are already here and live.

New Moon Ritual to Purify Pain

We must bring our shadows to light to understand them, to give them adequate space to breathe and transmute.

new moon dark moon magick ritual letting go purify pain~Dark Moon, Dark Time, New Moon, New Time~

The night of the Dark Moon where the sky is velvet black and rich with power. The Crone Goddess greats us as we enter the infinite darkness. Our psychic receptors open at this time of most dark night. Let the Crone, keeper of the mysteries, the underworld, and the stretching void, walk us to the edge of our being so that we might see.

The New Moon is a time of perching on the edge between Full Moons. The Absent Moon stands guard at the gate between worlds and beckons us to look inward to a place of fertile soil ripe for transformation.

Deep within this dark well stirred to life by Cerridwen is the inner self, the soul, and its mysteries. The Dark Moon excites our thirst for life, sensual nature, and our most galvanized magic.

The cool, quiet darkness of our internal selves is the breeding ground for magick at the time of the New Moon. The Raven guides us to the recesses of our minds which often don’t see the light of day. This is the great enigma of the Soul. We must bring our shadows to light to understand them, to give them adequate space to breathe and transmute. Make space for the unloved, unhealed, and unacknowledged parts of yourself. They silently wait for recognition. Not to harm but to finally heal. Answering the call of these shadow emotions forces us to find our tenacity and power. Express your mystic self, delve into the Shadow, pull out all the stops, and move forward.

At the Altar of the Dark New Moon, lay down your hurts. Life is a great tapestry sewn for you with gold thread by the Fates. Give them your material to create your work of art. Hack through the Woods of Hurt, gain your scars, and emerge a new person at the other side.

Personally, I’ve been through a lot in the past couple of days, most quite painful. It inspired me to look for a way to embrace and move past my pain. This is what I have pieced together using my books, some online resources, and my own knowledge.

new-moon-1-new moon dark moon magick ritual letting go purify pain~A New Moon Ritual to Purify Pain~

Gather together:

  • A Release Statement- This is a written or thought statement/intention of what you want to let go of.
  • A black candle.
  • A black scarf.
  • Dragon’s Blood or another rich, earthy incense like Frankincense.
  • Walnut flower essence, Sweetgrass, or Gardenia essential oil. The black walnut tree is powerful for severing ties with the past in addition to things that hurt you, particularly unhealthy relationships. Walnut Flower Essence will work as well. Sweetgrass works to banish and clear negative energy, then replacing it with positive, restorative energy. Gardenia has a reputation for promoting peace, love, and healing. Gardenia can help with healing emotional issues.

~The Ritual~

The night before the New Moon, also known as Dark Moon, or the night of is the right time for this ritual. This includes a bath, and in fact if you can perform the whole ritual in your bathroom that will be amazing. If not, find an area where you will not be interrupted and then move into the bathroom.

Darken the ritual space, turn off all lights, and if you can cover up any source of light. Lighting the black candle, declare your intent. You can say something thing like:

“With reverence and respect, I step into the Kingdom of the Dark Moon. In perfect love and perfect trust. In fortitude and utter surrender. The Garden of Lost Soul
Fragments beckons me. I seek the bones abandoned by choice or force during the course of my life. I look to the pain of the recent past and let it go. I seek to understand that paths in life take people different places and I accept this. I honor these parts of myself. I sing unto them. I quicken them and they return to life. Rebirth, regeneration take me in your arms and enshrine me. So Mote It Be.”

Hold the candle and walk in a widdershins, or counterclockwise, circle to begin the banishing and releasing magick. You can start wherever you like, listen to your instincts, however the West is a power spot when working with the soul and metamorphosis. Summon your protective energies as you walk around your circle. Allow the energy of the Dark Moon settle around and inside you. This is the time to create a zone for self work. If you can, include your bathtub in the circle.

Sit down in the center of your circle. Breathe deep, in and out. Allow yourself to become entranced in the moment. Fall into the sacred space.

Light your incense. Let the snake of smoke waft around the circle. Let it fill the air with sacred protective energies. Go deeper into your center as you breathe in the incense. Repeat the your invocation.

Here the work begins. Allow yourself to crack open, gently. Travel down your personal path to your pain and heartache. Become aware of the dense weight your body has accumulated. Feel how the garbage you have taken on has pulled you down. And remember, stay aware of the intention you came to release. When you are filled to the brim with heavy, sticky feelings, start to let them fall off you naturally into the dark void.

Repeat your Statement of Release as they slip away. You can reread the intention or you can simply speak from the heart. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to the receptive energy of the Dark Moon. Give the Crone Goddess your pain and trauma. You are ready to release and purify, to move forward and heal.

Stay in this space as long as you need. Allow your body to do whatever it needs. Shake, cry, curl into a ball, scream or sit in silence. Any reaction guided by spirit is perfect. You will be guided through this release by the Dark Moon.

new-moon-4-new moon dark moon magick ritual letting go purify pain~The Oil Essence Bath~

Fill a bath with warm/hot water. If the bath is in another room, gather up the tools needed, and continue your circle into the bathroom. You can recast the circle as well.

If you don’t have a tub, fill a bowl big enough for both your feet to fit comfortably.

Pour a few drops of the essential oil choice into the water. Visualize or feel the water being infused with dark, uberous, fruitful powers of the Moon. Imagine the bath as a black inky sky. It is the great void of transmogrification. Here there is nothing to fear.

To sink further into the void, wrap the black scarf around your eyes. Being careful, wade into the bath. Embrace of the dark and relax. The alchemical waters of healing wash away pain and assist you to release that which does not serve you. In your cauldron you are in the home of rebirth, the womb of the Dark Moon of the Dark Mother.

Can you feel resistance? Do you still feel pain in your body and spirit? Is your heart still heavy? Have you wounds that continue to bleed?

Let it happen. Again, give space to these dark emotions and let them fill you completely. Wait and be patient for a natural sense of surrender. Release it all into water. Once again, speak your Statement of Release to the Goddess. Ask the Dark Moon to take it all away…to return it to the void where the energy can be recycled and reborn, as you are reborn. Speak out loud, speak from your heart, from your soul.

This isn’t a timed process, take as long as you need. When you’re ready, drain the water. Let the veil down from your eyes. Thank the Goddess for her counsel, for her presence, for her strength. Take time to dry and release anything which may have tried to cling to you. Then, release the circle now clockwise. Blow the candle out with your intention or allow it to burn down.

healing-journey-new moon dark moon magick ritual letting go purify pain~A Healing Journey~

Major blocks to your energy and pain have been purified. You asked for guidance and protection from the Dark Moon Mother. This magick and influence will grow like a vine around and through your spirit. It will begin to move through your life in synchronistic ways. Honor this process, and yourself, by practicing compassion, grace, and introspection. Rest, eat a rejuvenating meal, and sleep as long as you like or can.

For the next few days, you may feel spacey. This is part of your soul knitting back together. Essentially, you just performed psychic surgery on yourself. And like with surgery, recuperation time will be needed. This is all a part of the journey and will vary from person to person, experience to experience. The first time you might just scratch the surface, later your might take huge chunks out of that wall. Meeting the Dark Moon each month and laying a new pain down to be healed will promote your healthy soul journey. Healing is an ongoing process. Come back to yourself. Allow yourself this time, this sacred space.

Blessed Be.

Super Full Moon Magick

We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives.

The moon is upon us.

During this night’s full moon, the eve of November 14th, the Moon will appear very large and bright . This is the closest the Moon will be near the Earth until November 25th 2034. There is some powerful magick blooming on this night. Take advantage.

The Full Moon a spark to our creative inspiration and magick. The powers of nature have reached their peak. The unconscious mind now opens to gentle, quieter influences. In it’s round presence it symbolizes abundance and fulfillment. By observing the Full Moon as the powerful time to invoke ceremonial affirmations, we can align ourselves to this natural magic.  We can work to bring about changes in our attitudes as well as manifest and welcome new things into our lives. To experience the Full Moon’s full potential, you can light a candle each evening upon the rising of the full moon. You can also include the three nights prior to the Full Moon. I will be saying these affirmations as well as personal ones for fertility tonight and the three nights following. You can say the following or choose your own words:

Full Moon, Moon of Fulfillment,
Your beauty wonders me with enchantment.
Your magick works in the world and through me.
I am reminded of my own power
To shape my own reality.

Now, if you wish, recite affirmations which you have chosen to fit your situation. I would write them down in a list  in advance. An example of mine is “I am fertile and strong. I am the mother of a new child. I am pregnant at the time of my ovulation.” Then finish by reciting:

Oh Moon of Completion,
So this is and so shall it be.
Oh Moon of Celebration,
I dance in the joy of being
As I affirm the completion of my magick and my desires.

For an added power boost, you can write your affirmations down on a piece of special stationery. Maybe writing them ten times each. Then, fold the paper and burn it in a brazier, flame-proof vessel, or sacred fire. Now, your desires have been given over to the universe.
Candle Magick Addition

White and silver candles connect with lunar powers. You can also use any color which connects to your ideal of high energy and fulfillment. Large, spherical glow candles are also very symbolic. For candle scents, anointing oils, or incense, fragrances which connect to the Full Moon include frankincense, lemon, rose, lavender, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. You can also choose fragrances which connect to your desires.

If you have an altar, a Full Moon celebration provides the opportunity to be creative. You can decorate it with round white stones, sea shells, silver coins, silver touches, a strand of white globe-shaped Christmas lights or fairy lights, round mirrors, white flowers or those with sphere heads, and objects which symbolize things you want to bring into your life or the moon in general. A small round cake can also be eaten on the night of the Full Moon, if you so choose. Cakes are frequently used to celebrate the completion of goals and moon cakes are a symbol from many Asian countries. Also don’t forget the rabbits.

Fertility and Pregnancy Magick

pregnancy-magickI’m trying to get pregnant. In fact, I think I may be but it’s a bit early.

Not everyone wants children and that is completely, totally okay. More, it’s great if you know that wholeheartedly. You understand yourself. Way to go.

I do want children. For a long time now, I have been eating healthy, avoiding caffeine, processed foods, and alcohol, being active, sleeping with a rose quartz next to my bed, and eating a lot, a lot of pomegranates. Needless to say, I’ve had baby on the brain.

For others out there that want children as well, I have put together a fertility and pregnancy ritual. This ritual is for just after you have had sex or in the days following. There is also magick that can be done just before as well.

Gather together the following:

  • a pomegranate
  • an apple
  • a rose quartz or agate crystal
  • sage
  • mistletoe
  • mugwort
  • poppy flowers
  • squaw vine
  • yohimbe

Once you have these items (remember if you can’t gather everything or anything it is alright, when your intention is pure the magick is there), place the pomegranate, apple, and rose quartz or agate on your altar. Light an incense of the mistletoe, poppy flowers, squaw vine, and yohimbe. You can grind these and put them on a hot charcoal in a fire-safe dish or cauldron. Have the mugwort in a sachet or baggy ready on the altar.

Then, cast your circle if you wish and smudge the area and yourself with ceremonial white sage. This is not just great for purification but can also aid in fertility.

Ground and center yourself, breathe in the rich smoke of your incense, and relax. As I said, intention is everything. Believe this will work and focus on your passion, your drive, for the future. Believe, feel it, live it.

When everything is ready, sit as comfortably as you can and place your directing, or dominant, hand on your lower abdomen. Breathe deep and say:

Great Mothers,

I call to you.

You who are called Bast, Mother Sekhmet,

Mother Kali, Brigit, Frigg, Gaia, Venus, Diana,

Deverra, Eleithyia, Hekate, Hathor, Isis,

Meskhent, Nona, Uma, Urd.

Our young Maiden

changing into


I ask simply for a child.

As I have completed the natural act,

Let now there be a child

growing within me.

Let them be strong

and healthy.

And I will welcome them into your world

Of mystery and ecstatic being.

Motherhood calls to me.

I proclaim that I am ready. I am strong enough.

And I will learn as I teach my child.

So Mote It Be!

When you feel ready, take the charged mugwort and place it in your pocket or on your person. Carry it will you until you know you are pregnant, then bury it in the ground to give back to the Mother.

Then, close up your quarters and circles if you cast and called them. Feel the magick within you and have faith. In it, in yourself, in the Goddess.

Blessed Be.