So as an activity for summing up a character and learning how to describe them both wholly and succinctly I was tasked with making character “taglines.” For example, Hope’s for the first part of her book before her growth as a character is “Not my fucking problem.” In doing this activity, I thought about what my own tagline would be and honestly the closest I’ve come is to is the first part of a line from Futurama. “You can’t give up hope just cuz it’s hopeless.” It’s a good sum up of how a feel. An idealist sure, but I understand there are fights I can’t win. I’m still going to fight them though. To me, that’s the point. I have to try, I have to fight the good fight, and if I end up losing or giving my life to the fight I will know that at least I can say I never gave up. So the R.E. Johnson tagline:
“You can’t give up hope just cuz it’s hopeless. Never Give Up. Never Surrender.”
Johnson out.

Full Moon Meditation

Watch video on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/9nhRiImclJo

Full Moon Meditation

This is a guided meditation on my YouTube page, as promised. This is focused on letting go. Full Moons are great times to remember what is great in your life and let go of all things which don’t serve you. I just hosted my first new moon ritual all by myself, in my big girl pants and everything. I am quite happy with how it turned out and people seemed to enjoy themselves as well. I also found an alluring poem about the full moon which I have included below the video. Check it out!

Full Moon Risen by Steve Pedlow
Above the spume of wind
touched waves at South Beach,
Stood there as a moon flew
with golden glow that filled the night sky,

Sculpted sand sifted beneath my feet
where my tread carved more,
Scudding clouds threatened to obscure,
but failed their hiding task,

The moonlight glistened
from the edge of the ocean down to my feet,
I dodged seaweed strewn on the shore,
and edged to the verge of wet,
And wondered at the wonder;

not alone I turned to call others to my side,
But they wore shoes not made for shedding
and clothes not made for rolling,
Strange it is to miss the splendor
for dry feet and unsalted ankles.


Watch video on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/KTeuxRc10Uc