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Baby Moon loves her wubby. His name is Herbert Wubbington of Nubshire but his friends call him Wubs. #baby

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Life in an elevator #bestfriends

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A dark night. #altgirl

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So I’m biased, but cutest kid ever. Wji likes to scratch her eye. #baby #babymoon #littlegirl #loveofmylife #cutestbabyever

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A life of glamor. #babymoon #naptime #baby #love #snuggles

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Birthday weekend out! #birthdaygirl #concert #firsttimeoutwithoutthebaby #inthismomentshow with #avatar and #ofmiceandmen

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Introducing Baby Moon: Aeryn Morrighan Iah born October 1st

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Mabon and the Autumn Equinox

autumn equinox

Enjoy this time of balance and abundance on this the Second Harvest- Mabon. The Autumn Equinox brings with it the lengthening nights and a time of inner reflection and stillness. Below is a poem I wrote to capture the essence of the season. As you celebrate today, remember to give thanks, show appreciation, and open yourself to the changing of the Wheel of the Year.

As the Light Recedes

And now the time has come
to find ourselves
at the balancing of the light.

Perched upon the edge
of a silvery blade.
Sun and moon made equal.

With Great Sickle in hand
The Wise Crone reaps
the ready harvest.
A time of darkening has come.

He is changed.
From Greenwood, to Corn,
to now the Dread Lord
of Shadows.

She is changed.
From a Maiden in youth, to full
and heavy with child.
Now she must depart.
Return to the deep earthen wells.

We take with us
their power and life.
The bountiful harvest
they have given
sustaining us.

But they must,
as so many do,
make their journey.

Falling golden
and rust to the earth.
To be swept
along until they reach the end.

There to transform
and start again.
Let us see
in them the story.

Our Horned God
and Mother Goddess,
traveling from woods
so green and alive
to the dark cauldron
of the Underworld.

Great time of balance,
mystery, and lore.
Give us space of remembrance.
Thinking on their sacrifice,
their Death.

Through this cycle,
ever onward,
let our hearts
and spirit be strong.

Gifted sustenance
and fertility
which will carry us through.

Through the Dark of Times.
Through the Waning Sun.
Through the Place of Night.

To come through again
And rise as the Sun.

New but the same.
Changed but forever sure.


For more on this wonderful holiday, see my previous posts on the Autumn Equinox and Mabon.