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hekatenyx blithe psychosis about me


Welcome to Blithe Psychosis! On this lovely, crazy trip I shall be your guide. Name’s HekateNyx! Allow me to paint you a word picture of your humble host. Like I said I shall be your guide here to all things beautiful, crazy, artistic, spiritual, fulfilling, and magickal! I myself am a long-time practitioner of the Witchy Arts, about 16 years now. Goodness! I am currently a priestess dedicated to the Sehkmet Temple in Indian Springs, NV. I am also a avid lover of writing, reading, and creating things with my hands. As the blog grows, I hope more and more will join me on the journey. Life can certainly be psychotic but that doesn’t make it any less amazing!

Love and Light!

P.S. Check out my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages! And all new… Polyvore sets!


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